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Billiards Maths Fun

Billiards Maths Fun Riddle - 30 May

Can you place three balls such that equation shown in the picture holds true?

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Porsche Missing Piece Riddle

Porsche Missing Piece Riddle - 29 May

Can you find the missing piece of the Porsche?

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Find The Dog Riddle

Find The Dog Riddle - 28 May

Can you find the dog hidden in a group of panda?

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Girl Sitting Riddle

Girl Sitting Riddle - 27 May

You see a lovely girl sitting but you cannot sit on her place even if she standup and the leave the place.

Where is she sitting?

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Rain Or Sunny Riddle

Rain Or Sunny Riddle - 26 May

It raining today at 11:59 am. What is the probability of sunny weather after 72 hours?

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Playing Card Sequence Puzzle

Playing Card Sequence Puzzle - 25 May

Can you complete the card sequence puzzle by replacing "?" with the correct playing card?

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Letter Sequence Riddle

Letter Sequence Riddle - 24 May

Find the missing value of "?" in the letter sequence below?


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